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Doctorate of Business Administration


The DBA program contains courses that are 3 and 6 credit hours each. Program completion requires successful completion of all prescribed courses, completion of research related courses and presenting the final dissertation before a chair/mentor and committee. The entire program is 60 semester credit hours in duration and usually takes 3 years to complete.

Academic Program

The purpose of the program is to educate students in the concepts and techniques needed to understand a range of business disciplines and to conduct research on issues arising in professional business practice. Students are expected to advance and navigate technology-driven worlds that that apply to all business organizations. Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are program wide objectives that are set by the University faculty.
Program Curriculum
CodesCore Courses: 45 CreditsCredits
AUL 700-PALeadership Development3
AUL 702Entrepreneurial Case studies3
AUL 704Cross Cultural Management3
AUL 706Management of Change3
AUL 708-PAPlanning for Organizations3
AUL 710Entrepreneurial Consulting Project (I and II)6
AUL 712Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
AUL 714Gender and Management Styles3
AUL 716E Portfolio Planning3
AUL 718International Environments
Systems Perspectives in Global Organizations
AUL 720Opportunity Analysis3
AUL 722Research Instruments Qualitative and Quantitative3
AUL 726Global Entrepreneurial Leadership (I and II)6
COMP- Comprehensive ExaminationPass or Fail
CodesScholarly Research Project Courses- 15 CreditsCredits
AUL 724Team Research Project (I and II)6
AUL 728Independent Study (I and II)6
AUL 730Dissertation Continuance3

*Proctored Assessment required for the course- PA
**Order of courses changes according to student entry date.


The DBA may not be completed in less than three years. The maximum time allowed is seven years. For optimal benefit, IUL encourages doctoral students to complete the program in three years.
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Admission Paperwork
  • A complete IUL Agreement.
  • A current resume.
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended ( Notarized copies will be accepted for Foreign Institutions).
  • 2 Recommendation letters -IUL Recommendation Forms are preferred.
  • A letter of intent to join the DBA program.
  •  Proof of a minimum of three years professional experience.
  • One of following English test scores or records is required for the applicants whose English is not their native language:
    • TOEFL minimum scores of 530 (PBT, Paper Based Test) or 71 (IBT Internet Based Test). IUL’s Institution Code is 7719.
    •  6.5 on the International English Language Test
    • A minimum grade of Level 3 on the ACT COMPASS’s English as a Second Language Placement Test;
    • oTOEFL minimum scores of 530 (PBT, Paper Based Test) or 71 (IBT Internet Based Test). IUL’s Institution Code is 7719.
    • A transcript indicating completion of at least 30 semester hours of credit with an average grade of “B” or higher at an appropriately accredited college/university or licensed foreign university where the language of instruction is English
    • A transcript indicating a grade of “B” or higher in an English composition course from an appropriately Accredited college/university or a licensed foreign university
    • If the student is not able to provide any of the above language proficiency evidences, he/she may be admitted conditionally and attend an ESL language program as an additional prerequisite. However, the student will not be allowed to enroll for more than 30 credits unless they reach and complete the Advanced Level with a “C” average.
Admission to the program requires a minimum of a Master’s degree earned at an appropriately accredited University or licensed foreign university.

Tuition fees

For a payment plan over 48 months, the tuition varies depending on the scholarship granted:

Scholarship 1: $100 per month instead of $ 750